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Alberto Nayor has over 40 years of experience in the industry as a Gemologist, Jewelry manufacturer, retailer and appraiser.





How To Sell Your Jewelry

Sell Your Jewelry

Where should I sell my Diamonds?

There are 2 ways to sell your Diamonds of 1 carat or larger.

  • You can sell to the general public like friends and family, via newspaper ads etc.

  • You can sell to a Miami Diamond and jewelry buyer.


Do my Diamonds need to be mounted?

  • Diamonds are usually mounted on Rings necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, or any other Fine Jewelry.

  • Mounted Diamonds and jewelry can be appraised, valued, bought and sold. They don’t need to be un- mounted.

  • Sometimes the Mountings are signed by prestigious jewelry houses like Cartier, Harry Winston, Tiffany, Van Cleef and Arpels, and in such case increase the value.


How much will I get paid for my Diamonds?

  • If you sell to the general Public you should get around what you paid.

  • If you sell within the Jewelry and Diamond Industry you will probably get about 30 to 40 percent of what you paid if you bought it retail, maybe more if you find an experienced Diamond Buyer that has been years in the business.


Typically when you buy a Diamond from a retail establishment, you pay more because there are many people involved before the retail jeweler like cutters, dealers, wholesalers, manufacturers etc. And all of them need to make a profit.


How do I know how much my Diamonds are worth?

  • The best way to sell your Diamond is to know the current market value via an Appraisal.

  • To know the real value of what you have you must take it to an Experienced Graduate Gemologist, or G.G. graduated from the Gemological Institute of America.

  • Make sure that you tell the appraiser that you intend to sell the Diamond. The appraisers have different values when appraising like Liquidation value and Replacement value.


What Diamonds are more valuable?

The larger the Diamond is, the less inclusions it has, the better the cut and the less color it has the more money its worth because of the quality and rarity.

  • Large Diamonds in particular are rare and fetch the highest prices.

  • GIA Certified Diamonds with excellent makes and very good overall colors and clarities will sell faster and for more money than uncertified Diamonds.


How are Diamonds Classified or graded and valued?

  • The Diamond industry goes by the standards implemented by GIA, Gemological Institute of America. The famous 4C’s. Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat weight.

  • Diamond Values are directly related to Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight. Below is a brief description of these factors.


GIA’s 4C’s.


Cut is the overall shape: Round Brilliant cut, Princess cut, Emerald cut, Marquise cut, Radiant cut, Pear shape cut, Oval cut, Heart shape cut, Asher cut, Cushion cut.

  • Every cut needs to have the right shape, angles and proportions. The better the cut the higher the value.


  • Near colorless, D,E,F….Colorless, G,H,I,J.… Faint color, K,L,M. ….Very light and Light color, from N to Z.

  • Basically the less color the more valuable unless the amount of color is so high that then it is graded as a Fancy” color.


  • Flawless (F), Internally Flawless (IF) very very slightly included (VVS), Very slightly included (VS), slightly included (SI), Included (I).

  • The less inclusions the stone has the better and more valuable they are.

Carat weight.

  • A unit of measure used in the Diamond Industry to determine size and weight.

  • The larger the Diamond the more carats it weighs and the more valuable it is.


How do I sell my Diamonds?

  • After being properly appraised take it to a reputable and experienced Graduate Gemologist / Diamond Buyer that has been years in the business of buying and selling Diamonds.

  • Now that you are informed you should be able to make the right decisions and you will be able to negotiate with some basic knowledge, not emotions or instincts.


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